stretching shoes

Shoe Science: Don’t worry, they’ll stretch?

stretching shoesLooking good and feeling good are two different things. So if you only care about how fabulous the shoe looks on your feet, stop reading. After 40 years of designing and selling shoes, I owe it to your guys to be totally truthful. So here’s the myth and the fact. If your shoes are not comfortable in the store, they’re never going to get much more comfortable. If you and your feet can live with that, go for it. Here’s the caveat. Nothing’s 100% in the shoe world. Some shoes can be adjusted to make them tighter, but know they will only stretch modestly usually around the ball or instep. And only if they have a soft leather uppers and a leather lining. Don’t expect miracles. Shoes don’t ever grow longer. For more on the science of fit, see upcoming posts.

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