Are sneakers sexy?

sexy-leather-and-converse-outfitInherently… no; however, they can be. It really all depends on the sneaker, the outfit and the person wearing them. When I see a woman on her way to work wearing work clothes and a pair of all white orthotics, I think to myself “No! Just, no!” On the other hand, you put on a pair of funky colored high-top converse paired with some skinny jeans and a cool burnout t-shirt, I say “Yes! Absolutely yes!”
For men it’s a little different,You can pair some casual sneakers from Ralph Lauren with dress slacks, a solid long sleeve t-shirt and a blazer, and I doubt anyone will disagree with that choice.
Like any shoe, or piece of clothing, sexy is how you wear it and what you wear it with. Casual is a state of mind, just as sexy is.For the most part if you have confidence, you can make anything sexy. So go out, search for a look, and work it. But whatever you do, NO BROWN BELTS AND BLACK SHOES! I don’t care what anyone says, I say “NO!”

– Fashion Dude

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